10 of the Best Vintage Shops & Markets

10 of the Best Vintage Shops & Markets


Op shopping and vintage treasure hunting is one of my favourite things to do.

It has been in my blood from since I was a small child. My parents filled our home with treasures that people had dumped and would end up as landfill. In those days, the treasures were remarkable. They still have the huge antique, ornately carved chiffonier with bevelled mirror in the dining room, with the incredible collection of glass oil lamps in all manner of colours and designs vying for space on the top.

Thrifted paintings in guilded and carved wooden frames adorn every room, and curiosities from times past.  Old church pews used as seating on one side of the dining table that was saved from a monastery and shortened by my grandfather.

Our toys from when were children still sit in cupboards, lovingly covered by my mother with vintage tea towels and clips to repel dust. Tea chests filled with ancient books and photos and unexpected gadgets. Gorgeous glassware, fine and delicate with etched swirls, or robust bright florals on thick seventies tumblers. Every piece a reminder of a time gone, each with it's own story, it's life lived somewhere else, in hands that once loved them all.

At times in my childhood, I would resent the amount of 'stuff' in our home, and even today, the amount of items in the family home still gets a bit overwhelming, yet I understand it. The generation of my parents lived vastly different lives. My grandfather at times had to chop up furniture to burn to keep warm in winter, and food wasn't something you actually were guaranteed to have each day. There's a whole other blog in those stories though.

A lot of people of my parents generation didn't throw stuff away - if something broke, you fixed it, you didn't get something new because trends dictated so. Things weren't so 'disposable', and I'm glad my parents actively saved and preserved and kept the memories of these pieces. I delight in picking up an item and remembering a time - I can almost smell the air then, the feelings of the time rising up from some hidden corner of my mind and heart. The love, the hard times, the kisses from my Nanna. All come back to life to me through the channels of pattern, design, glass, wood, textiles, books and dust. Cherished moments, good or bad, that make me, me.

Australia has many amazing Vintage shops and marketplaces and I want to share some of the best with you, in case you don't know them. Not only are these places amazing in their items available, but there's some excellent humans running them as well. Many I have discovered through my journey with Beddie, and I am very grateful for these connections. So if you love vintage, antique or quirky, give these places a look see and also help out some small businesses doing it tough right now :)

I have provided the website or instagram link on each of their names.

Retro Spectrum - Fairy Meadow NSW The Blog pic is from Dann's gorgeous store :)

Daisy Retro - currently at The Merchants Warehouse in Annandale Sydney

Mitchell Road Antique and Design Centre - Alexandria Sydney

The Amazing Mill Market - Daylesford & Geelong Victoria

Antique Emporium - Devonport Tasmania

Market Fair - Ferntree Gully Victoria. Also has stores with locally made products.

Dirty Janes - Canberra and Bowral

Cammies Antiques - Paringa South Australia

Victory Theatre Antique Centre - Blackheath NSW

I have so many more to share, so I will make another blog dedicated to these amazing small businesses soon.

In the meantime, if you have any gems that you think would love a shout out and have an amazing small business, let me know at hello@beddie.com.au.

Diving into vintage is like embarking on a super cool quest. You get to discover rad treasures, awesome finds, and gems that you won't snag at regular shops. It's a total thrill to hunt down something seriously unique. My current floral designs for Beddie are all drawn up from vintage wallpaper, offering that truly beautiful nostalgic feeling, and I am so excited to make my next designs based on items from my parents house and beyond.

I know you have been waiting patiently, and I did expect to have more designs ready by now, however, I've needed to wait out the current economic climate and be patient so that Beddie can continue to grow and survive.

Big hugs and so much gratitude,

Deb x


Cover photo from RetroSpectrum Fairy Meadow.