Dopamine Decor

Dopamine Decor

There's no doubt that colour lifts our mood, our spirits, our appetite and our sense of joy. Design goes through periods of colour as acceptable in the home, and then it's out, and the greys are back in fashion. Colourful and cheerful homes are really the ones you remember right?

Never be afraid to dress your home in the way that makes you happy. Whatever is deemed style or design, can often be the enemy of creativity and the freedom to surround yourself with what makes you feel real joy. 

Decorating your room might not appear as a significant expression of your identity, but we believe it is a means to demonstrate self-care by embracing our true selves.

Jazz up your room to enhance your cozy vibes, boost your productivity, and give yourself a little dose of self-care.

Why settle for a space that's not all about you? Transform it into a sanctuary that screams 'you'! Handpick furniture, art, and beautiful bedding that truly speak to your soul.

Coming home will feel like blissful belonging, and that's what really matters :)

Speaking of colour, fun and cuteness - how's about these Valentine's Day outfit ideas from Refinery 29? There's definitely something to say for colour and love! colourful dressing with pink marrimekko turtle neck, geometric skirt, fluffy handbag and cropped haircut. tm_source=ig_embed&ig_rid=c4b56310-ed0f-43d3-b5ca-f0a6395d6230