DIY Beddie Bag Christmas Crackers!

DIY Beddie Bag Christmas Crackers!

Instructions are based on making 6 Crackers.


You will need:

Beddie Bags (or fabric of your choice if you don't have enough)


Toilet Roll Inserts

10-12mm x 4.5m  Ribbon (we used velvet, but satin or anything you have works)

20-25mm x 6m Ribbon

Sewing Machine OR Fabric Glue

Trinkets to fill your crackers with (that fit inside a toilet roll)


Optional Extras:

Handwritten jokes or Dares

Paper Hat


Step 1.

Iron your bags so they are easy peasy to work with.

Cut each bag inside the seam so that you get a rectangle with raw edges.

You can use both sides of the bag - just unpick the Beddie label.


Step 2.

Fold the long side over by 1cm - twice to give you a nice neat finished edge.

Then fold the short sides over by 1cm - twice to give you an even neater finish!


Step 3.

Fold long sides and then short sides - secure with sewing machine or fabric glue.


Step 4.

If sewing, sew around all 4 edges with a 0.5cm seam allowance.


Step 5.

Measure the thin ribbon against the short side, leaving an overlap to trim, glue or sew 2.5cm away from your finished edge. Trim to finish.


Step 6.

Fill your crackers with your trinkets, jokes, dares and paper hats if using :)



Step 7.

Place your filled toilet roll in the middle of the long edge and roll it up!

Place your fat ribbons either side of your roll, ready to tie.


Step 8.

Tie your ribbons either end, in whichever method you learnt as a child.


Voila! you are done!


Set your Christmas Table and enjoy a beautiful festive gathering with your people :)

Beautiful Christmas Table with crackers made from Beddie Bags in vintage florals and gorgoeus colours. A plate of Christmas mince pies are nearby and the sun is streaming over the scene.


So pretty!