11 Reasons To Love Spring!

11 Reasons To Love Spring!

Spring is here and it's glorious! The season that starts to feel like life is about to start again. No more hibernating from the cold, no more dark commutes home from work, just a whisper of joy that this season will be bringing renewed motivation and feel good vibes for next 3 months. Not too hot, and perfect for morning walks and outdoor adventures.

1. We are actually happier! Soak up some sun to boost your brain's serotonin levels and feel all kinds of happy. After being stuck indoors for what feels like forever, it's about time to step outside and enjoy the rays! Exposure to morning sunlight can also help you sleep better at night, and is particularly important to get your babies sleeping as well. 10 minutes before 10am outside in the sunshine for your baby will actually help them sleep better at night, which is a major help for sleep deprived parents. 

2. The longer evenings. Arriving home from work while there's still daylight pumps up our energy, boosts productivity, and puts us in the mood to savour a glass of wine in the garden!

3. It's Warmer! Bid farewell to the winter coat, beanie, and mittens. It's t-shirt and cotton dress time - time for our skin to feel warm and alive.

4. Bees and Butterflies. Spring is here and birds, bees, and butterflies are in the air. That means it's time for pollination and the renewal of life. Here are some tips on planting a bee friendly garden in Australia.  And here's a fab article on how Melbourne bought bees back to the CBD last year. Bees are so important to life, so try to encourage them to play in your garden and use eco friendly DIY insecticides. Here are 13 easy recipes for you to try today and make a difference to our very important eco system.

5. Flowers, Flowers, and Flowers! Everywhere you look there are flowers waking up. Effortlessly turning our gardens into beautiful landscapes and bringing that joy that is necessary to a happy state of mind. Read about how plants and flowers actually enhance our mental health.

7. Less Colds. During the chilly winter months, it's oh-so-easy to forget what life is like without the sniffles. But fear not! When Spring arrives, the Lemsip retreats to the depths of the cupboard and stay in bed sick PJs vanish into thin air. Refresh your bedding with a pure cotton Bundle for that gorgeous Springtime feel.

8. Baby Animals! Spring in Australia is more than flowers and sunshine though. September, October, and November are exciting months on the wildlife calendar. It's baby season for whales, koalas, and kangaroos. Keep your eyes peeled and you might get lucky! Here are 8 wildlife events you can catch in Spring.

9. Bird Song. When spring arrives, bird song reaches its peak as migrant birds flock to the warmer climate. Instead of waking up to an alarm clock, why not open up the window and let their cheerful tunes be your wake-up call?

10. Outdoor Adventures. Ditch that gym membership, more time means more reasons to get moving outside. Jogging in the park, strolling to work, and biking on the weekends - it's the best time to start again! Theme parks, museums, parks and the seaside, Spring is the perfect time to spend a weekend with the family, before the summer rush. Australia.com is a great resource for all types of events and outdoor activities for you to discover.

11. Sleeping Better. With all that serotonin, outdoor freshness, activity, and general mood booster of Springtime, you are bound to get a better sleep. Keeping active and our mood elevated can lower the intrusive thoughts that can keep us awake and hostage at night. Train your brain to happiness by trying new things, stepping out of your comfort zone and really looking around you. Get off that device and into nature this Spring! And always make sure you sleep in pure, non toxic and excellent quality bedding for comfort and happiness for your body. It makes such a difference to your sleep if you are comfortable in bed. Beddie delivers all you need for the perfect sleep with our beautifully crafted, Oeko Tex Certified premium cotton bedding. Rest Assured!