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11 Reasons To Love Spring!

11 Reasons To Love Spring!

Spring is here and it's glorious! The season that starts to feel like life is about to start again. No more hibernating from the cold, no more dark commutes home from work, just a whisper of joy that this season will be bringing renewed motivation and feel good vibes for next 3 months. Not too hot, and perfect for morning walks and outdoor adventures.

1. We are actually happier! Soak up some sun to boost your brain's serotonin levels and feel all kinds of happy. After being stuck indoors for what feels like forever, it's about time to step outside and enjoy the rays! Exposure to morning sunlight can also help you sleep better at night, and is particularly important to get your babies sleeping as well. 10 minutes before 10am outside in the sunshine for your baby will actually help them sleep better at night, which is a major help for sleep deprived parents. 

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