Festive Season Thoughts

Festive Season Thoughts

It's November!

ooooops.. here I am again, barely having thought about Christmas this year, even though I swore last year I would be super organised and prepared.

I feel as though I haven’t even placed the simplest, teeniest thought in my head as yet, so, sending you an email spurred me on to finding a festive pav recipe. Not because I particularly like pavlova, but because I am surrounded by people that do. Plus, they look astonishingly festive, with all those pretty red berries, soft playgrounds of creamy snow, and dramatic rivers of red syrup.

Use your imagination and add chocolate stars, or little festive edible ornaments, and you’ll really find some childlike happiness in the creative process :)

If you love to cook, this base is a good one. If not, just use a store bought pavlova base and make the toppings :)

The one I have chosen to share with you is

Neil Perry’s Red Berry Pavlova and I hope you enjoy both the creating and the sharing :)


While on the subject of Christmas and sharing, this is a wonderful time of year to extend our love and gratitude to those organisations that really make an impact all year round, but particularly at Christmastime.

Although this time of the year is quite lovely for most, it can cause hardship, stress and loneliness for some.

The Salvation Army has always been amazing in their love, support and assistance to people in need.

My father speaks so fondly of them as they helped his family a great deal when he was a boy. His older brother Darby was seriously injured and sick, having to spend months in hospital after having his legs amputated.

The only way my dad and his mum could see Darby, (they were living in Murwillumbah at the time) was with the very generous assistance of the Salvation Army giving them accommodation, so they could travel and spend time with him. Another highlight was a little jar of boiled lollies waiting for dad from the beloved Sallies :)

If you are in need of assistance, or could help somebody yourself this year, I’ve added the link below:



Time to get sorted and think about your thoughtful gifts this year :) The gift of a beautiful sleep is one to surely be appreciated. Beddie sheets, pillowcases, and quilt covers are all sold as separates in their own individual fabric bags, so wrapping already done!  Plus we have single sets in Bloom, Flower Child, Petal, White and Thelma Stripe in Early December - stay tuned for updates :)