Why Cotton is Good for Sleep

Why Cotton is Good for Sleep

You’ve heard the stats - we spend approximately ⅓ of our lives in bed, so it's really important that we make sure we are optimising this time by making sure we have natural, safe bedding, and a comfortable and peaceful environment.

Have you ever thought about the type of sheets you are laying in all this time?

Your sheets, quilts, pillowcases, and mattress covers can contain potentially harmful chemicals that disrupt your health while you sleep.

By choosing a safe, natural material like our Oeko Tex long staple, pure cotton, you will be assured of getting the great night's sleep that you deserve, without inhaling any nasty chemicals. You will also be assured of ultimate comfort in our soft and luxurious cotton weave.

Our Health 

Many of us worry about our health and well-being. However, few of us consider that our bed linen may be causing any issues. 

Sleep is designed for the body to rest and rejuvenate, so the last thing our bodies need to do is process toxins from our bed linen. This ongoing work for the body can mean that we are not getting the sleep that our body and mind need.  

Do you have sensitive skin? Cotton sheets are the answer as they are naturally hypoallergenic, giving you a peaceful night's sleep free from irritation. 

The Safest Materials

You can't go past natural fibres when considering the safest materials for your bedding. 

Pure, quality weaves of cotton, linen, silk and wool, allow our skin to breathe and wick moisture away from our skin. 

Did you know that natural cotton bed linen can last twice as long as man-man fibres? Why would you ever bother with a cheap and potentially toxic option that you have to replace more often?

Why Choose Cotton Bedding?

Cotton is a natural fibre that is comfortable and breathable but also perfect for keeping you warm in winter. 

Do you run hotter at night?

Does your partner sweat through the night?

Cotton will quickly wick moisture away from the body as the vapour is free to transfer through the fibre. This lowers the humidity between the fabric and the body, providing a cool feeling and a blissful night's sleep with no more waking up hot and sticky!

Beddie Cotton - our luxurious, long-staple cotton has been farmed sustainably, and our woven cotton and dyes are all Oeko-Tex Certified, meaning there are no chemical nasties in your bed. Just pure 100% long-staple cotton. The feel of our sheets is of premium luxury quality, supremely soft and durable.

Are You Ready for a Good Night's Sleep?

Order your new Beddie cotton bedding today and sleep in supreme comfort and style.

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