Why our Sheets are Dreamy

Why our Sheets are Dreamy


That's right. Bolls. Little fluffy clouds of puff.

The little fluffballs on the cotton plant are called the 'boll' and each one contains nearly 250,000 individual cotton fibres (or staples).

Plants with individual fibres measuring 2.8cm are known as short staple, which is the most common type. Long staple cottons have individual fibres of 3.2 cm.

The differences in these lengths may seem small, but when it comes to quality, strength, and softness, the difference is big!

Long Staple Cottons are renowned to be far superior in strength, softness, and durability. As staple length increases, so does cotton’s soft and silky feel.

Through the spinning and weaving process, a longer fibre length results in a smoother surface with fewer exposed fibre ends. This is the perfect choice for quality bedding, not only for superior comfort, but also longevity, making it a wise investment all round. Fabrics made of long-staple cottons fray less, pill less, wrinkle less, and even fade less than fabrics made with short-staple cotton.

Choosing quality bedding made with superior long staple cottons is especially important.  We use bedding daily, and more often than any other cotton product we own. Long staple sheets feel luxurious for far longer, will remain strong and soft, and give a more comfortable nights sleep for many years.

We have designed Beddie's Bella Cotton Collection with this in mind.

We want you to be excited about the feel and comfort of our sheets, about the quality and attention to detail. We want you to love Beddie. And the only way to do that is to offer you the best. 


Welcome to the Beddie - home of the best cotton sheets in Australia! #deadsetgorgeous