Sleeping in Colour and Memories

Sleeping in Colour and Memories

There is no doubt that colours invoke quite substantial feelings. They can enhance our moods, make us feel good, or bring back some distant memory that makes us smile.

The makings of Beddie's first collection was very in tune with these thoughts. Remembering patterns and colours that remind us of a long ago times in special places and with special people. We may have forgotten them entirely, until we see something that has the ability to transport us back to those places or those people. 

Our sense of smell can also make us remember certain times and places too, memories of which we had all but forgotten in our day to day, and then suddenly we remember love, or food, or laughter and hugs. Special days and love that has left us, yet here those feelings are - back and intense and amazing!

We loved this idea, and starting on the journey of curating bedding that could help us remember love and special days past. Our colours in this collection are from the time around the 1970's, bold colours, gorgeous florals and funky stripes.

This has resonated with so many people, and we receive many lovely messages and emails with stories and snippets of beautiful and happy memories. 

Along with the memory idea, the colours we decided upon also have a positive emotional impact, making them useful for sleep. Coupled with our beautiful, buttery soft cotton, it is a match made in heaven.

Sleep is so important to living well, and we have designed our products with a vision for absolute comfort of the senses. The touch of our pure and soft cotton, and the beauty in our colour and design, being our main priority. We are proud to bring each bedroom a special touch of love and comfort. 

Flower Child is definitely our best seller. A gorgeous palette in tones of oranges, honey mustard, butterscotch, pink and cloud, transporting you back to the seventies and the power of love.

Each colour is screen printed separately for a true vintage feel.

Stay tuned for more information on each design and colour, including our new White and Thelma Stripe bedding.