Our Sheets are Better for Allergies Too!

Our Sheets are Better for Allergies Too!

The bedding market is flooded with options, which can be very confusing when you are trying to decide what is best for your bed.

Our sateen is woven from cotton made from specially grown long fibre cotton plants.

To really understand how beautiful it feels on your skin, you have to sleep on a set yourself, and with Beddie, this is achievable, as our luxury bedding is at a good price point for such amazing, and durable quality. You won’t need to patch this cotton, as it will not wear out easily like most cheaper cotton weaves. Wonderful for the kids beds! They can build forts and you can trust the sheets will not tear or get ‘bald’ patches.

No harsh chemicals in either the weave or the dyes, our cotton sateen has a soft, yet crisp, and buttery smooth feel.

Sateen also doesn’t absorb moisture from your skin - which is a major plus when sleeping, as that is when we can tend to sweat. So rather than leaving your skin dry and dull, sateen sheets can actually keep your skin hydrated.

As a smooth weave, sateen also limits the amount of friction on your skin while you are sleeping. That equates to less wrinkles in the morning - and lessens the effect of actual life long wrinkles. The more we can do for that, the better huh? :) Another plus is that as sateen weave is less absorbent, your sheets won’t take on so much of that moisturiser or makeup you forgot to take off the night before!

Sateen sheets are also naturally resistant to mould and mildew, and also much less trapping of dust - which means less dust mites in your bed. A tight weave like sateen is preferable if you have allergies because it creates a barrier against dust mites, which is amazing for asthma and allergy sufferers!

There are so many reasons to love your Beddie bedding, and we are so proud to have created a beautiful product for you, and make them fun and happy too :)


Sweetest Dreams to you and your family :)